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Counseling: A Developmental Approach
 Fourth Edition



Penulis: Donald H. Blocher

418 muka surat

Penerbit: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Cetakan tahun 2000

ISBN : 0-47125462-2


The preeminent guide to the principles and practice of developmental counselling.
 To a great extent, our psychological well-being is determined by how well we adjust to the inevitable life changes that confront us across the life cycle. And it is the developmental counselor’s job to help clients build competence in dealing with those changes.
 The preeminent guide in the field for more than three decades, Counseling: A Developmental Approach has helped several generations of students and practitioners acquire a thorough understanding of and mastery in state-of-the-art developmental counseling principles and practices. This Fourth Edition is no exception. Updated and expanded to reflect the many significant changes that have occurred in the field since the publication of the last edition, it incorporates the latest research findings on human development, along with in-depth, practical coverage of critical issues such as:

 * Contemporary concepts of development
 * Developmental diagnosis
 * Obstacles to optimum development
 * Eclectic-integrative interventions
 * The roles of gender and sexual orientation
 * Multicultural developmental counseling
 * Career counseling

Featuring advance organizers, chapter outlines, recommended readings, and other valuable pedagogic aids, Counseling: A Developmental Approach, Fourth Edition is an ideal text for graduate courses in counseling theory and counseling procedures. It is also an indispensable resource for counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and other helping professionals who understand the crucial role that human developmental forces play in psychological health and dysfunction.


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