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English Punctuation


Penulis: J. Morison

211 muka surat

Penerbit: Golden Books Centre Sdn. Bhd.

Cetakan tahun 2001

ISBN : 983-72-0414-1

English Punctuation has been conceived and produced to meet a dual need. For users and learners of English, the terms on Punctuation deal with all but the most technical applications of punctuation marks and their accessories, such as spacing and the use of boldface and italic letters. This dictionary also includes the terms on Hyphenation, with advice on how to solve the knotty problem of where to split a word that is too long to fit at the end of a line of text. Finally, there is a glossary of grammatical terms.

This book provides a comprehensive and definitive account of the latest views on English punctuation. This also includes terms on the knowledge of grammar and working practice of modern English usage – essential for the creation of the terms on Punctuation. This also includes terms on correct Hyphenation.

Thus, the book provides a handy, reliable and precise textbook guide and a useful reference source for students, secretaries and editors.


*Buku ini boleh didapati di Perpustakaan INSTUN di rak 421.1 MOR

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