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INSTUN is the acronym for ‘Institut Tanah dan Ukur Negara’ (National Land and Survey Institute). Its logo was designed based on its role as an excellent training institution and its mission to promote and develop human resources in land administration, survey and mapping as well as related fields of information technology in order to contribute to national development.


The INSTUN logo is made up of three basic shapes: circle, square and orbital line. The square is a stable and strong geometric shape which symbolises that the training activities in land administration, survey and mapping are carried out systematically, properly and of high quality. It also projects an image of INSTUN as a stable and dynamic organisation.

The horizontal and diagonal lines symbolise the components of INSTUN which move as one entity towards the excellence targeted by INSTUN.


The BLUE of the square symbolises spirituality and tranquillity.


The GREEN of the circle symbolises the concern for the natural environment in line with the concept of sustainable development and awareness that nature is a legacy entrusted by its Creator to humankind to be preserved for future generations.


The WHITE of the word INSTUN symbolises the purity and sincerity of INSTUN personnel in fulfilling their responsibilities.


The RED of the orbital line symbolises courage, satisfaction and prosperity as well as sensitivity to the wishes of clients.

SILVER     The glittering SILVER of the star symbolises the pinnacle of excellence.

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