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Function of Research and Development Division

1. Plan and implement research analysis training needs and course curriculum review.

2. Plan and implement research and effectiveness study in training of land, survey and mapping with information technology.

3. As a secretariat for Main Committee in :

  1. INSTUN Training Programme Coordination Committee
  2. INSTUN Inter Division Monitoring Training Programme Committee

4. Responsible to assist INSTUN in publication of annual report, books, journal, bulletin, book reviews, programme etc.

5. Assisting in editing, planning and arrangement of INSTUN publications.

6. Responsible to collect and develop references/ case study collections for the use of INSTUN officers/ staffs, lecturers and training participants.

7. Plan and maintain INSTUN library for the reference of officers/ participants in land, survey and mapping with informative technology.

8. Plan, organise and conduct training/ course to improve INSTUN staffs and other departments.

9. Plan, promote and implement exhibition related to INSTUN.

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