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Defined as doing or doing a task earlier or earlier than everything else.

Also interpreted as

  • About challenging (questioning, disputing);
  • Call (to fight);
  • Something (elements, factors) that is challenging (testing the ability and perseverance of a person or an organization and so on).


Every INSTUN Resident:

  • Must do something or move ahead of another individual / training institute / department / agency in any action whatsoever;
  • Must move in a strong, proactive, dynamic work team, without fear of the current changes;
  • Continue to lead others in the use of information technology such as the use of the latest ICT tools, use of email, internet and intranet, because in INSTUN this is the beginning of information technology training program, it is very disappointing if INSTUN citizens themselves do not take the lead to seize challenges and opportunities to learn and practice ICT;
  • Encouraged to lead and explore creativity and innovation to be applied in training management system and training program learning system;
  • Moving to make a paradigm shift that is changing the `mind set ‘and leading in exploring the field of information technology and other related fields of technology;
  • Leads the organization, planning and implementation of INSTUN’s vision agenda by strengthening training programs, enhancing follow-up actions, ongoing evaluation, implementing customer-friendly concepts and strengthening service delivery systems;
  • Avoid feeling comfortable with the current situation, do not be like a chisel with a hammer, do not take the attitude of waiting and seeing and let others seize the role of INSTUN as a training institute in the discipline / field of land, surveying and mapping and information technology.

If we reflect on the above definition then we find that the CHALLENGE is actually a situation or difficulty that we have to face. If a situation is not difficult then it is not a CHALLENGE. While more importantly the difficulties experienced must have the characteristics to test an individual so that he can act to do something. We are born on this earth to be tested. Tests come in many forms whether physical, mental and spiritual. Only those who are able to face the test will succeed in life in this world and in the hereafter. It is no exaggeration to say that the CHALLENGE is a passport towards empowering oneself to achieve success and well-being in life.

To face the challenge, INSTUN staff must always:

  • Self-reflection:
    As mentioned, challenges test our abilities. Therefore, INSTUN citizens must always re-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in performing the function of the original establishment of INSTUN. Have we changed and are ready to bring INSTUN into a leading training and reference and research center in ASEAN in land discipline, surveying, mapping and information technology by 2020. INSTUN staff are advised to make improvements in work processes, training management, learning methodologies, organizational management and human resource development to achieve that vision.
  • Self-Sensitivity:
    Sensitive people are those who are always challenged in performing a task, responsibility and trust. Lazy people are those who live in comfort without any CHALLENGE. Even people like this are very afraid of CHALLENGES and do not want to be challenged and do not want to experience any change. Sensitivity in performing duties and responsibilities is important to create a fun and productive work environment. CHALLENGES make a person aware or sensitive to the developments that occur around them whether the development of the use of ICT, the current of modernization and globalization. INSTUN citizens need to be sensitive to respond to the challenges ahead.
  • Enhancing Creativity:
    Usually people will only think when they face a problem. In this case CHALLENGES can help spark new thoughts and ideas in completing daily tasks. Successful training institutes usually have such creative staff. One’s creativity is able to produce innovation that is a pillar towards the development of a training institute. Look at the training institutes (eg INTAN, INSPEN) have been ahead of INSTUN in all aspects whether infrastructure infrastructure, training management system, financial system, learning system and so on for the creativity, innovation and proactiveness of its officers. Do not hug the body and let others lead us. Make INSTUN equivalent to other training institutes in Malaysia.
  • Increased Self-Motivation:
    Challenges are also able to ignite a person’s spirit and emotions to do something. Looking at the importance of the CHALLENGE that seems to be the catalyst for success, then it can be concluded that the challenge is an opportunity towards success. Every INSTUN citizen needs to have high motivation in developing and realizing INSTUN’s vision.


A big CHALLENGE resulting from these changes and expectations is the ability to always be ahead or ahead, not only as a leader in the field of land, surveying, mapping and information technology but also as a mover to ensure INSTUN customers truly feel INSTUN is one of the training institutes the best they have ever attended.

To lead the CHALLENGE is not easy, a powerful tool is knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Therefore, every INSTUN staff must continue to gain knowledge in various fields, especially in the field of land administration, surveying, mapping and information technology in addition to other fields such as training management, organizational management, human resource management and financial management.

INSTUN as a training institution should not only be seen as excellent and superior in ASEAN but should always be seen ahead of times and challenges. While we can be a little proud of our achievements so far, the tasks and challenges of the future require us to work together to develop INSTUN with more perseverance, perseverance, high commitment, systematic and proactive. Every second we need to be ready to evaluate and reflect on ourselves to identify the shortcomings and weaknesses that need to be improved and make improvements, even learn from them (training institutions / departments / other agencies) that are more excellent.

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