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INSTUN logo acronym for Institut Tanah dan Ukur Negara was designed based on its purpose as an excellent training centre with a mission to encourage and develop human capital in the land management, survey and mapping with related informative technology to work together in nation-building.

The design of INSTUN logo consist of three basic shapes including a circle, a square and an orbital line. The square shape configuration represent Land administration, survey and mapping are done in a systematic, accurate and distinction thus portray INSTUN as a stable and dynamic organisation.

Horizontal and vertical lines represent the organisation component of INSTUN which are unite and cooperate together towards excellency as targeted by INSTUN.


Blue colour in the square shape represent spirituality and tranquillity.


White colour in INSTUN word illustrate purity and sincerity of INSTUN staffs in performing their responsibility.


Green colour in the circle represent responsibility to the environment in line with the concept of sustainable development and the awareness that nature is a heritage that need to be taken care has been given by The Creator will be passed on to the next generation.


for the orbital line symbolizes courage, satisfaction and prosperity as well as sensitivity to the will of the customer.


the sparkle of the star symbolizes the pinnacle of excellence.

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