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Smart Parents Richer Kid$


Penulis : Azizi Ali; Zaid Mohamad.

Penerbit : PTS Publications

ISBN: 9789675428340

Tahun penerbitan : September 15, 2010


Smart Parents meet Millionaires Coach! Zaid Mohamad teams up with Azizi Ali to produce this enlightening book. Full of hot tips on how to manage family finances for parents who want to impart good money habits for their kids AND enable one parent to stay home full-time. A must read for anyone who wants to end the vicious cycle of spending money in pursuit of happiness. Experts in their respective fields, bestselling authors Azizi Ali (Millionaires Are From Different Planet) and Zaid Mohamad (Smart Parents, Brighter Kids) will share their families’ journey towards financial freedom using the proven “8S” Smart Parents’ Financial Strategy.


Practice the strategies in this book and you will:

  • Build a solid financial foundation for the family
  • Teach the whole family on how to live within your means, happily!
  • Discover secrets on how your spouse can stay home full time!
  • Find practical and fun ways to train the kids on money matters from young
  • Learn how to enjoy a good family life without depleting your resources
  • Be able to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining the course
  • Learn several ways to multiply your income immediately
  • Discover how to survive with a single income stream
  • Find ways to enjoy with the family without spending money
  • Find out how to instill caring and sharing attitude in your children
  • Learn inner peace and eliminate needs to spend


“A father you’d want to meet. When he isn’t wheeling and dealing in the corporate world, Zaid Mohamad is a parental coach. A certified one, mind you.”

Su Aziz

New Straits Times


“In the parenting world, Zaid Mohamad can be considered something of an uber dad. He successfully juggles his work as a senior manager in a multinational company with his role as chairman of the SK Tropicana Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) and proud papa to his growing brood. In person, he is articulate and earnest, and quickly dispels any concerns about a being a mere theorist on the subject.”

Shashi Kala

The Sun


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