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Values and Philosophy

INSTUN berusaha untuk menjadi lebih kompeten, progresif dan berpandangan jauh – sentiasa bersedia menyampaikan perkhidmatan kepada para pemegang taruh (stakeholder) kami Kami adalah organisasi yang dipercayai, menegakkan integriti dan akauntabiliti yang menyampaikan perkhidmatan kepada masyarakat dengan penuh hormat, empati dan ikhlas INSTUN menghargai dan mendorong semangat kerja berpasukan serta meraikan kejayaan pasukan dan individu dimana […]

Security and Privacy Policy

  PRIVACY BASIS Your privacyThis page describes the privacy policy that covers the use and protection of information submitted by visitors. If you wish to register and make a transaction or send an email containing personal information, this information may be shared with other public agencies to assist in the provision of more effective and […]


Disclaimer: The National Institute of Lands and Surveys is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered as a result of using the information in this site. Please note that the page that will be displayed later after the translation has been automatically translated by computer. The probability for the content to differ from the […]

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